Tunay Gıda

We Respect The Soil

We Respect The Soil Tunay Gıda works for the protection and improvement of natural resources in many areas such as less pollution to the environment, less soil erosion, protection of the wildlife, chemical wastes, water pollution, and work in full compliance with the EU green agreement.

Tunay Gıda has created policies and written rules of the topics mentioned below, that will ensure the necessity of sustainable agricultural management.
» Disease management
» Pests management
» Soil - Water management
» Environmental Protection and Biodiversity
» Fertilization management
» Hygiene, Waste, Pollution management
» Workers Rights
» Management System, Financial Stability, Product Selection and Efficiency.

We provide our producers and farmers to abide the farming methods on which we have set our principles. We conduct regular inspections for their implementation.
We provide training and technical support to farmers in all matters, and ensure production without harming the soil and the environment.
We work to achieve high efficiency in production by ensuring the correct implementation of our agricultural policies.