Tunay Gıda

We are Growing Together Hand By Hand With Our Stakeholders

We are Growing Together Hand By Hand With Our Stakeholders As Tunay Gıda, we maintain our sustainable growth target by increasing our production and exports by approximately 20% every year.

We are working to increase the welfare level of all the groups, manufacturers, customers and employees we work with.

At Tunay Gıda, we fulfill our responsibilities towards our shareholders and commercial partners, by being successful in commercial activities, reaching our annual growth targets, and keeping our short and long term interests in balance.

We aim for sustainable growth by improving our exports, using our resources effectively, increasing our production efficiency and reducing costs.

In order to maintain our leadership in the sector, we increase our product range with an innovation and entrepreneurship approach aimed at improving our customer-oriented and regional activities.

We work for a sustainable world by protecting human health and nature with organic farming fruit production.

We establish long-term, fair and sustainable relationships with our customers, suppliers and business partners and ensure continuity in customer satisfaction.