Tunay Gıda

R&D Center

Dear Customers

We have finally got our approval for establishing an R&D center after finalizing the procedures with a presentation to officers from the ministry of science, industry and technology and a panel of juries. With authorization no 816 we are now the first R&D center in eastern Anatolia.

Tunay Gida will carry on R&D studies to;
Fulfill our responsibilities to the world, to serve the community and to carry out studies to protect human health.
a sustainable and efficient processing plant.
Have a dynamic and effective role in development of eastern Anatolia and Turkey.
Provide solutions to customers searching for new horizons.
Realize innovations on functional, new, health products.
Find new practices that embrace haccp and best practice applications
Minimize resource consumption during production and preserve the environment.
We will make studies on all topics that correspond with our sector in the long run.
We aim to improve efficiency, to determine the best varieties suited for industrial use, to realize new products, to decrease and eventually solve all existing problems in agriculture and fruit growing by working together with universities and professors.

Our drive is to share new, healthy, better way of growing and production practices with the world and to be among the world leaders in our sector.

Best regards,
S. Tuncer Kirtiloglu
Tunay Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.