Tunay Gıda

Quality Policy

Our Vision of Quality: A Comprehensive Approach
Our aim is to ensure a strict and extensive quality assurance approach throughout all stages of the production processes; from incoming raw materials to the delivery of the finished products.

Quality is a way of life for everyone in our company. Zero tolerance food safety is focused to eliminate the risks in the source with the participation of all our employees.

Production is carried out under the maximum hygiene conditions using high technology to protect and secure human health.

All our processes and activities are optimized for efficiency and effectiveness and driven by creating added value with our sense of leadership and team awareness.

Our priority is to ensure food safety and quality. In addition to national and international regulations and standards, TUNAY GIDA also follows the Code of Practice of the international associations such as “AIJN” for a comprehensive vision of world class manufacturing.

Our Commitment to Full Traceability
» Our traceability and quality standards are applied starting from our raw material selection.
» Our suppliers are evaluated and approved in accordance with the strictest requirements.
» We perform systematic examination of raw materials before use.
» We have full traceability from the gardens to the factory, during all stages of production until the product is delivered.
» Traceability is recorded at every stage.
» Our suppliers follow the principles of organic farming and good agricultural practices.

Information That Customers Can Easily Access
» Product Information
» Analysis documents and methods
» Storage conditions
» Nutritional values
» Agricultural and pest control legislation in fruit production
» Information about chemical/medicine and fertilizer used in organic projects