Tunay Gıda


  Conical Steel Drums Cylindrical Steel Drums
Upper Diameter  584 +- 3 (mm) 610 mm
Bottom Diameter 525 +- 2 / -3 (mm) 610 mm
Height 960 +- 3 (mm) 880 +-3 mm
Sheet Thickness 0.7 (mm) 9 +2/-4 mm
  - `Open Top` 217 l, Conical Steel Drums
- Internal surface lac applied
- FDA certified for storage and transport of various food products
- In the aseptic bag

 Aseptic filling, cold filling and frozen filling are done in Conical / Cylindrical Steel Drums.
Volume of 190, 200, 210, 230, 265, 275 kg per drum
110x110 cm Euro pallets; fumigated standardized wooden pallets
The polyethylene bag is used to protect the aseptic bag from external factors.
Aseptic bags we use are high barrier, suitable for all food products.
The Styrofoam filler is used to prevent cracking in the aseptic bag during shipping.
1000 lt cardboard bins for clear fruit juice concentrate
High barrier 1.000 lt aseptic bags
20000 lt tank for clear fruit juice concentrate
High barrier 20.000 lt aseptic bags
It is filled upon request.
10 kg or 20 kg aseptic bags placed inside corrugated cardboard boxes
IBC; a food grade HDPE packaging with a volume of 1,000 L in a metal cage, suitable to be use for concentrated products where aseptic filling is not required. Available in different options such as wooden, metal or plastic pallets.