Tunay Gıda

Our Commitment to the Environment and People

We are committed to guaranteeing that the food safety of our products will be our first priority.

We are working to take full responsibility of our impact on the environment, to act together in solving environmental problems that people face, to fight climate change by neutralizing our carbon emissions by 2030, to support organic agriculture and to create a livable world for people.

We are committed to unconditionally respecting the fundamental rights and needs of people and the fundamental rights of those who work for human dignity.

We fight against all discriminations between women and men equality and the people of the world. We are committed to increasing the rate of female employees and female managers above 50% as part of our positive discrimination approach.

We undertake that our products will be produced in hygienic conditions suitable for health, in accordance with national and international legislation and customer requests, with the appropriate technological infrastructure monitored by conscious and trained employees, food safety will be guaranteed, and quality and food safety will be our first priority.