Tunay Gıda

From Soil to Product

Information About Organic Agriculture
» It is a certified production method which records every stage from production to consumption based on soil fertility without damaging environment and human health and based on sustainable productivity without using artificial external inputs such as chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

Sustainable Agricultural Cooperation
» Soil Water Management
» Environmental Protection and Biodiversity
» Energy Management
» Fertilization Management
» Hygiene, Waste, Pollution Management
» Worker Rights
» Management system, Financial Stability, Product Selection, and Productivity

Reliable Supplier Detection and Trainings
» Supplier prone to cluster model work
» Garden title records
» Farmer Registration System documents
» Tunay Gıda Organic Production Contract
» Analyses of used soil and used water
» Garden maps
» Photocopies of supplier identification

Worldwide Network
» Customer-specific accreditation in TR, EU, NOP, JAS, COR, Krav

Technical Support to Suppliers
» Technical support for all organic fruit gardens by agronomists working at Tunay Gıda
» Support of organic pesticides and fertilizer usage
» Agricultural, irrigation and pruning management and control
» Agricultural production trainings
» Agricultural environment, social, economic trainings

Sampling from Fruit Gardens Before Harvest
» Fruit samples are taken from all the organic gardens and harvest preparation is started.
» Determination of harvest time
» Sending empty fruit crates to the gardens to be harvested
» Checking garden before fruit collection begins to pick fruits fallen to ground and separate them
» Picking fruits from the trees and collecting them to the sent fruit crates

Transfer of Harvested Products to Factory
» Allocating separate areas to fruits from different organic gardens and organic processed.
» Sampling of organically produced product.

DEMETER-Biodynamic Agriculture Projects
Biodynamic agriculture is a special farming method that requires the use of certain special and natural preparations that do not contain any chemical and synthetic additives in order to add a vitality and dynamism by increasing the energy density in the soil and plant, depending on the more strict rules compared to organic agriculture. History of biodynamic agriculture dates back to the 1920s. Demeter agricultural products are also certified such as organic farming.