Tunay Gıda

Energy and Water Efficiency

We adopt effective and innovative behaviors with individual and social responsibility as a principle of sustainability in protecting the natural resources and biodiversity of our country and the world.

By successfully managing energy and water efficiency projects in our R&D center, we have minimized our energy and water use in 3 years.

Our aims are:

» Conscious use of natural resources and protection/development of biodiversity in our production facility and with our other stakeholders in all areas where we have influence,
» Realizing lower carbon emissions to the environment and providing clean, cost-effective and safe energy supply by adopting the European Green Agreement targets as a principle,
» Ensuring the effective and efficient use of energy, raising awareness of the personnel,
» Increasing use of solar energy, which is an environmentally friendly alternative energy source, due to the greenhouse effect caused by the gases released into the atmosphere as a result of the use of fossil energy sources, causing global warming and climate changes.

2017 - 2020, 20% reduction in electricity consumption was achieved.

2017 - 2020, a 13% reduction in natural gas consumption was achieved.

2017-2020 % 60 reduction in water consumption was achieved.