Tunay Gıda


Working at Tunay Gıda

Tunay Gıda; is a leading company that aims to continuously develop its reliability, dynamism, quality management and customer-oriented service approach by using advanced technology and knowledge of long standing.

As Tunay Gıda's management approach, it has adopted to give the value to its employees that they deserve with a participatory and fair evaluation and to make a happy and peaceful work environment for the employees. Within the framework of the corporate culture and core values, our primary goal is to create a system based on cooperation and continuous improvement, which ensures the participation of all employees, and to support the professional and personal development of its employees. The quality of our employees is our biggest indicator, while the business practices, the customer focus we offer, the behavior and principles of being a leader are included in the fulfillment of these goals.

In the recruitment and evaluation phase, compliance with our corporate culture and values is the most important criterion considered throughout the entire process.,