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About Us

About Us

TUNAY GIDA was established in 2004 as the fruit of the knowledge and experience of the 30-year food journey that started in Erzincan in 1974.

Tunay Gıda is the result of years of hard work and innovative perspective to achieve perfection, by introducing pioneer applications in the business areas I work in our region and Turkey when I started my business life in Erzincan.

In the same year, We founded Tunay Çiftliği Entegre Tavukçuluk San. Ve Tic A.Ş. (Integrated Poultry Farming). We started broiler production with chicks imported from the USA.

As one of the few broiler facilities in Turkey, we have been a pioneer in the development and establishment of meat poultry farming, with the Dutch origin freezing and cold storages and the poultry slaughterhouse we established.

In the same years, we took the facilities of the USA Nebraska University and Atatürk University as a model while establishing a modern dairy cattle breeding and milk processing facility. We also contributed to the development of modern animal husbandry in the East.

We opened the first supermarket in Eastern Anatolia.

We started wholesale food trade in our region. For more than 30 years, we have been the distributor of more than 20 international and national food companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Dr Oetker, Tat, Düzey group products, and various fruit juice companies.

I had the opportunity to visit and examine the factories of these companies in the EU and Turkey several times. Within the framework of this cooperation, I gained knowledge and experience in various food productions, quality, sales and marketing.

Using this knowledge, we decided to establish a fruit concentrate factory in order to process and share with the world the fruits that grow in their natural environment, away from the industrial pollution and have a fruit growing history dating more than 1000 years in our region.

I conducted research abroad for five years with my consultants to establish a facility that could be a pioneer in the world. I visited more than 30 similar facilities in various countries in Europe and made investigations. I visited many food and beverage fairs abroad in Europe, the USA, Korea, Dubai and Russia, and I examined many food machinery fairs for the fruit processing industry. I have done project studies and feasibility studies.

In 2004, we established TUNAY GIDA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. with my 7 industrialist classmates to operate in the fruit concentrate industry, which I believe will be an efficient and profitable investment.

During the establishment of the factory, we worked with foreign and local expert consultants on many issues. Collaborated with German Dr Sylvie Hambloch as a consultant during the establishment phase of the factory and in the preparation of food safety documents, and the first IFS certificate in Turkey, and other quality certificates were obtained from the German DQS company. Our production lines were built by Swiss and Italian companies, which have the best and the latest technology in the projects and installation of the production lines of the factory.
Since its establishment, our company continues to grow by an average of more than 20% every year.

In 2023, Tunay Gıda established a strategic partnership with GAT Foods (IBBL), a leading company specialized in the development, production and global marketing of raw materials as well as integrated solutions for the juice industry worldwide. With this important collaboration, it is one step closer to its goal of shaping the future of the fruit juice industry by offering unique solutions and experiences to its customers around the world.

Having an innovative perspective, Tunay Gida is the factory that has the most quality certificates, organic certificates and memberships in the EU, and processes the most fruit varieties.

The products we produce in accordance with international standards, food laws and regulations are exported to leading companies in the world's developed countries. Since 2019, our export rate has increased to 98%.

TUNAY GIDA has become a company that is known, heeded and cooperated with by the leading companies of the world with its corporate identity and reliability and the vision it has put forward in organic agriculture.

We share the success of growth along with our organic producers we cooperate with. We are proud to sell the best products in the world.

Chairman of the Board / CEO